Friday, October 17, 2008

Excuses . . . It's Now My Turn . . .

How pathetic!  Two months have gone by since I last updated my blog page!  I feel like one of my unprepared students who's begging for forgiveness with another sad-but-true story of a missing assignment!  So what's my excuse?  You be the teacher.  See if any of these actual excuses "pass the test."

1. Bingham High School (put your hand on your heart) is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. I took my camera to school the first week for some random pictures for one of my bulletin boards, and, yes, the camera is still at school!  Thus, no pictures for this blog.

2.  We're testing our health insurance with multiple trips to the E.R., hospital, and doctor offices this month.  Craig has had gall bladder surgery and an emergency root canal.  I had a weird allergic reaction to an antibiotic which turned into something called Steven-Johnson Syndrome.  I felt like I belonged in some medical school textbook or the University of Utah burn unit.   It was probably the sickest I've ever been in my life, but we're both back to the living now, thank goodness. 
3. I still haven't learned that giving writing assignments means grading writing assignments!  Every night I drag the bag of essays home, only to pack it back the next morning still not finished.  Oh, I miss North Sevier's small classes, not to mention "much better writers!"

4.  Primary - Primary - Primary.  Where are all these kids coming from?  Every week we have another meeting to divide another Sunbeam or Nursery class.  I'm spending all my waking hours memorizing names!

5.   Life is not too eventful at the Burr house. It's hard to get excited about writing stories about the dog. How can I compete with all your cute stories of your young families?  

Yes, these excuses are pathetic--but true.  I'll be better next month.