Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Front-Yard Makeover . . .

We just finished landscaping our front yard this week--almost 360 days since we were first handed the keys to our "home away from home."  It seems that we have been digging non-stop since the first day we moved in. Luckily, Craig isn't afraid of shovels and picks and wheelbarrows and rocks and left-over cement, and more rocks, and clay soil, and snow, and more snow . . . .  

I had always thought that Utah County seemed like a modern-day Garden of Eden with dirt that would produce award-winning vegetables for the Utah State Fair. Such a fallacy!

So for all of you who are complaining about the heat and just waiting to lock up the lawn mower for another season, I hope these pictures will remind you that July's sizzling temperatures aren't all that bad!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Aboard the Heber Creeper

Who: Ashley  Halle  Bethany  Audrey  Jackie
What: 2nd Annual Heber Creeper Getaway
When: July 16, 2008
Where: Heber City 
Why: It's tradition!

Today's "just-girls adventure" on the Heber Creeper couldn't have been better--perfect weather (80 degrees), almost-perfect ride (a staged train robbery scared the little girls when the villain shot his gun right next to us), and perfect location (Provo Canyon). We loved kickin' back on the two-hour ride and eating lunch in Heber City. Some of life's greatest moments are not so far from home!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girls Night Out - American Idol Concert

Okay, I admit it!  I'm a David Archuleta fan!  And this year, for whatever reason, I became a part of the "cast your vote for your favorite American Idol contestant" craze.  So when I bought tickets for the American Idol concert in Salt Lake City, I wondered if I would be the oldest person at the E-Center completely surrounded by screaming thirteen-year old girls begging to be the next Mrs. Archuletta!  

Monday night, Ashley, Bethany, and I had one of those rare "girls night out," and other than getting stuck in stand-still traffic near the E-Center, we had a lot of fun being a part of the hoop-la. 

Since Randy, Paula, and Simon are on vacation and after seeing the AI Tour, here's "my take" of the whole American Idol phenomenon:  (1) Television doesn't do these singers justice:  all of the contestants are far beyond the word "amateur."  (2) Even better in person: Michael Johns, David Archuleta, and David Cook.  Overrated: Ramiele, Jason Castro, and Syesha.  Surprises: Kristy Lee Cook and Chikezie. Just what I thought: Brooke and Carly.  (3) Okay, I admit it, the viewers did get it right:  David Cook is amazing--both as a singer and performer.  But Archuleta still brought the house down when he sang "Angels" and "When You Say You Love Me"--such a rare talent and still so humble!  I can't wait to buy his C.D.  

What was the best part of the night?  Spending it with "my two girls!"  

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Early Morning Bike Rides

Old habits never die!  For years, I have been getting up before the cock crows for one project or another--so now it's summer, and I thought to myself, I want to live the good life and "sleep in."  No such luck!  My internal clock still thrusts me out-of-bed, only there is nowhere to go, nothing to do.  So Craig and I resurrected the bikes and found an amazing trail near our home which follows the Jordan River.  The trail also loops around some marshlands with some amazing wildlife.  In fact, this morning we saw three deer and two raccoons, along with the hundreds of birds that migrate to the area. 

We're not die-hard bikers with helmets and skin-tight attire, but rather members of the "has been club" just getting some much-needed exercise.  So this week, I finally told Craig, "It's time we get you a new bike!" He'd been eyeing a Schwinn at Costco for over a month, and the fact that his old bike, another Schwinn, is the one he's owned since he was eight-years old (yes, that's true) finally convinced Craig that it's okay to buy him a "toy!"  Pictures will be coming. Those 5:30 a.m. shots might be a little scary!