Sunday, November 23, 2008


6 TV Shows I Like to Watch
1.  Utah Jazz
2.  American Idol
3.  Today Show
4.  Dancing with the Stars
5.  Movies on Hallmark Channel
6.  Sorry . . . Out of answers . . .

6 Things That Happened Yesterday
1.  Finally started Christmas shopping--real deals already!
2.  Ran into Jason & Mary Okerlund at Costco--I'll forgive the "red" attire
3.  Watched BYU vs. Utah football game -- Oh, well; it's just a game
4.  Visited with Ryan, Bethany, Audrey, Devin, and Megan
5.  Went to BYU basketball game with Jorgensens--Thanks for those front row tickets
6.  Slept in until 7:00 a.m.--A rare treat at our house

6 Favorite Places to Eat
1.  Red Lobster
2.  Cafe Rio
3.  Red Mango
4.  El Mexicano (still)
5.  Olive Garden
6.  Subway

6 Things I'm Looking Forward to
1.  Winter Snow Storm (just one time)
2.  June - July - August
3.  Summer Concerts at the Orem Outdoor Theater - MUST SEE!
4.  Deron Williams - Carlos Boozer - Kyle Korver to return to the court
5.  Reading a non-school book during Christmas break
6.  A Completed Redwood Road Construction Project

6 Things That I Wish for
1.  Visits from Halle, Audrey, and Chase
2.  A classroom with windows
3.  Magical paper-grader
4.  North Sevier victories
5.  To lose 10 pounds--at least
6.  A 401-K that doesn't keep falling

I tag anyone over 40--come on ladies; you can do this!


Caci said...

Hey Jackie!
Its good to see you on here. I hope everything is going well in your job and everything else! Its the week before finals, but since I only have one on Tuesday, this is my last three days! Your blog is very cute and of course, fun to read.

Katy said...

Mrs. Burr!! Hey I was just wondering where you live around Lehi, I work in Lehi it would be fun to see you and daddy burr sometime.

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

Hey Jackie and Daddy Burr! How are you guys? Looks like you don't check your blog too often, but I'll leave ya a little message for when you do get on. How do you like it up here? I live in Santaquin and drive to school in Orem everyday. It's fun I love school, we're startin to work on real patients this semester, so if you want a good teeth cleaning, give me a call!

Shell said...

Hey Jackie,

This is Shelly Reese, I found your blog through another and I am so excited. How are you guys doing? Your family looks great. I love blogs they are a great way to keep in touch.

Mine is my kids each have one also and my husband. His is the most involved. He makes money on his by putting ads on there. It is good to catch up a little with you.


Kelsie Dawn said...

I changed my url..